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As well as being a complete waterproofing and damp proofing system MACLENNAN-LSE WATERPROOFING Membrane system is also used to upgrade damp and defective floors. With excellent crush resistance the system lends itself to a variety of different finishes which include conventional screeds, thin layer fast drying screeds and wood based floating floors. Insulation can also be used in conjunction with the system where required. The system can be linked to the damp proof course constructed within a new wall or to an existing or chemical damp proof course.


As the membrane systems are mechanically fixed there is no reliance on the ability of the product to bond to the substrate, The MACLENNAN-LSE WATERPROOFING system can be applied to a variety of different substrates for example over existing renders or broken down bitumen coatings etc. This can easily be achieved without detriment to the integrity of the system.

Damp Pressure Equalisation

The studded structure of the membrane allows the dampness behind the membrane to move in all directions unhindered, therefore the whole of the wall or floor surface takes the damp loading. Deterioration and breakdown created by weak points are eliminated. The product does not divert the problem to other areas.


In structures where movement or vibration can be a problem such as sub- street vaults, railway arches and buildings constructed with movement joints, the Newton system is well able to cope with any normal building movement


The floors in this ancient property flooded on a regular basis. LSE installed a large 20mm stud cavity membrane over the floors and installed a drainage channel at the wall floor junction. The original slabs were then re laid and flooding is completely cured. The MACLENNAN-LSE WATERPROOFING floor systems are completely demountable so they do not have a detrimental effect on the historic fabric of the building. If the floor membrane is ventilated the floors can breathe. If you completely water proof the floor and reduce the surface area of evaporation there is a possibility that damp will rise into the walls. That will not happen with a well detailed membrane system.


This project for Barratt homes was 4000m2 of floors over which LSE laid System 500 membrane then insulation and under floor heating were installed and MACLENNAN-LSE WATERPROOFING installed a 75mm sand cement screed.


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